Past Events

March 21, 2024 Unique Planning Ideas for 2024
Tim McFarland & Eamon Walsh
January 18, 2024 Virtual Lunch & Learn (2024 Heckerling Review)
Martin M. Shenkman & Richard Greenberg
November 16, 2023 Practical Planning for the Corporate Transparency Act to Consider Before Year End
Thomas Tietz, Esq.
October 19, 2023 Estate Planners Day 2023
David Jones & Lauren I. Mechaly
September 21, 2023 Fixed Income within Fiduciary Investment Management
Timothy Horan, Chief Investment Officer, Fixed Income & Gina Nelson, JD, Head of Fiduciary, Chilton Trust
June 8, 2023 Disability Insurance Coverage for Professionals
Joel D. Zelkowitz, Esq.
June 1, 2023 Annual Spring Golf Outing
March 23, 2023 How to Grow, Protect and Exit from Your Business and Real Estate
Daniel A. Prisciotta, CFP®, CPA*, PFS, ChFC®, CBEC®
February 2, 2023 2023 Heckerling Review
Martin Shenkman and Richard Greenberg
November 17, 2022 Tax Issues with Trust Structures and Administration
Joy Matak, Sax LLP
October 20, 2022 Estate Planner's Day - Impact of the SECURE Act
Glen Henkel & Kenneth Horowitz
October 11, 2022 Annual Golf Outing
September 22, 2022 Navigating Your Partnership With The Institutional Trustee
Wing M. Wilson, Director, BNY Mellon Wealth Management
May 19, 2022 The Perilous Pot Trust
Elisa Shevlin Rizzo, Esq., Northern Trust
March 24, 2022 Art & Estate Planning: A Practical Guide to Planning with Art, Jewelry and Valuable Tangibles
Rebecca Lockwood, SVP, Director of Business Development
January 27, 2022 What To Tell Clients In Early 2022
Martin M, Shenkman, Esq. & Richard H. Greenberg, Esq.
November 18, 2021 Trick or Treat: A Macro and Markets Review
Paul E. Dorr & Paul Robertson
October 28, 2021 Estate Planner's Day 2021
Leonard Witman Esq. & Parag P. Patel Esq.
September 29, 2021 Annual Golf Outing
September 23, 2021 Planning Strategies: Life Insurance Premium Financing
Brendan J. Kenny, CFP, CLU, ChFC
May 13, 2021 '21 Heckerling Review
Martin M. Shenkman, CPA, MBA, PSF, AEP, JD & Richard Greenberg, Esq.
March 18, 2021 WEBINAR: Understanding Trustee Liability In A Changing Insurance Market
Judith Pearson, Family Office & Trustee Liability Resource Group Leader, Woodruff Sawyer
January 21, 2021 WEBINAR: Hot Topics in Elder Law & Special Needs Planning
Lauren I. Mechaly, Counsel
November 19, 2020 WEBINAR: IRAs, Qualified Plans, Stock Options and Deferred Compensation In Divorce
Jeremiah W. Doyle, IV, Estate Planning Strategist
October 22, 2020 Estate Planners Day 2020
Lawrence J. Macklin, CPA, Esq., AEP®
September 17, 2020 WEBINAR: Charitable Giving: Timely Updates and Year End Planning Opportunities
Jeff Haskell, J.D., LL.M
May 28, 2020 Annual Meeting and Cocktail Hour
May 14, 2020 WEBINAR: Creative Ideas in the Current Environment - Making Lemonade Out of Lemons
Gilbert Levine & Gary Katz
April 30, 2020 Webinar: Overview of Special Needs and Elder Planning
Jason E. Marx, Esq.
March 19, 2020 Overview of Special Needs and Elder Planning - CANCELLED!
Jason E. Marx, Esq.
January 29, 2020 The BEST Review of The 2020 Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning
Martin M. Shenkman, CPA, PFS®, AEP®, MBA, JD
December 5, 2019 Estate and Related Planning for Clients Living with Cancer
Martin M. Shenkman, CPA, PFS®, AEP®, MBA, JD
October 24, 2019 Estate Planners Day 2019
Martin M. Shenkman, Esq. and Gerard G. Brew Esq.
September 26, 2019 Missing Piece of Financial Planning: Property & Casualty
Brian P. Boak
June 27, 2019 Annual Meeting & Member Golf Outing
May 9, 2019 Insurance Focused Program
Pamela W. Bancsi JD, CFP & Charles E. Perrault CFP, CLU
March 7, 2019 Estate and Gift Valuation Issues
Leonard M. Friedman, CPA/ABV, CBA (Partner, RRBB Accountants and Advisors)
January 23, 2019 The FIRST and BEST Review of The 2019 Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning
Martin M. Shenkman, CPA, MBA, PFS, AEP®, JD
November 29, 2018 The Intersection of Estate Planning and Divorce
Sandra C. Fava, Esq. (Partner, Fox Rothschild LLP)
October 25, 2018 Estate Planners Day 2018 - Death and Giving: Considerations and Insight for Estate Planners
Stephan R. Leimberg, CEO and Publisher Leimberg Information Services, Inc.
September 20, 2018 2018 Mid-Year Outlook - A New Narrative Emerges
Talley Léger- Equity Strategist OppenheimerFunds, Inc.
June 14, 2018 Annual Meeting and Member Golf Outing
May 10, 2018 Updates and Changes in Pension and Retirement Planning 2018
Leonard Witman, Esq.
March 1, 2018 ARTful Planning: Planning for Tangible Assets, Including Fine Art, Decorative Art and Collectibles
Bonnie Brennan, Deputy Chairman and Head of Trusts, Estates and Wealth Management (CHRISTIE'S AMERICAS)
February 14, 2018 A Review of The Best of the 2018 Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning
Martin Shenkman, Esq. and Richard Greenberg, Esq.
November 30, 2017 Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘N Roll: Family Business Lessons from Metallica
Jeff Savlov, Family Business Consultant, ACFBA - Blum & Savlov, LLP
October 26, 2017 ESTATE PLANNERS DAY 2017 - The Trump Tax Plan, Best Estate Planning Strategies for 2017, and the Mathematics of Portability
Robert S. Keebler, CPA/PFS, MST, AEP (Distinguished), CGMA
September 27, 2017 Capital Markets and Economic Update - A Tale of Two Cities - The Best of Times, The Worst of Times
Neal Elkin, Director and Sr. Investment Consultant for U.S. Trust, Bank of America
June 7, 2017 Annual Meeting & Member Golf Outing
May 11, 2017 Family Integration: Clients Think They Have It; Advisors Think They Deliver It; Most Are Wrong
Thomas C. Rogerson, Senior Managing Director, Wilmington Trust
April 27, 2017 Member Social at Ridgewood Country Club
February 23, 2017 Bring It On Home - Transferring Wealth to US Beneficiaries
Andrew Auchincloss - Schlesinger Gannon & Lazetera LLP
January 26, 2017 Heckerling Institute Annual Review 2017
Martin M. Shenkman, Esq.
December 1, 2016 Economic and Investment Outlook
Dr. Charles Lieberman, Director, Advisors Capital Management LLC
October 20, 2016 Estate Planners Day 2016 - THE BIG PAYDAY
John A. Warnick, JD and Paul McKibbin
September 22, 2016 Intergenerational Split Dollar, The Impact of The Morrissette and Levine cases
Kevin J. O’Connor, CLU®
June 9, 2016 Annual Meeting & Member Golf Outing
May 19, 2016 The NJ Uniform Trust Code
Andrew J. DeMaio, Esq. Neff Aguilar, LLC Sponsored by Glenmede Trust
February 25, 2016 “Mediation of Civil, Probate and General Equity Matters “
Shirley Whitenack, Esq. and Honorable Peter E. Doyne (Ret.)
January 28, 2016 Heckerling Update 2016
Rocco J. Labella, Esq. & Frank C. Beck, CPA, ABV, AEP®
December 1, 2015 2015 Year End Tax Planning for Individuals, Trusts & Businesses
Jordon N. Rosen, CPA, MST, AEP®
October 29, 2015 ESTATE PLANNERS DAY 2015 - FEDERAL TAX UPDATE - Important Developments in Federal Income, Estate & Gift Tax
Samuel A. Donaldson, J.D., LL.M. - Professor of Law Georgia State University College of Law
September 24, 2015 2015-2016 Economic and Investment Outlook
David Lieberman, Advisors Capital Management
May 14, 2015 VENN DIAGRAMS: The Intersection of Estate & Income Tax (Planning in the ATRA Math)
Paul S. Lee, JD, LL.M
April 30, 2015 American Cuisines and Wine Pairings
February 26, 2015 Estate and Financial Planning for Chronic Illness
Martin M. Shenkman, Esq.
January 29, 2015 Heckerling Review 2015
Jerome Deener, Esq.
November 20, 2014 The Upside Down World of Estate Planning – Income Taxation “Takes Over”
Richard H. Greenberg, Esq.
October 23, 2014 Estate Planners Day 2014
Jeffrey N. Pennell, J.D. / Current Topics In Estate Planning
September 17, 2014 Economic Update
Paul Robertson, Senior Portfolio Manager / Member Bernstein Global Wealth
July 9, 2014 NAEPC Webinar - Family Investment Partnerships:
Paul S. Lee, JD, LL.M., AEP® (Distinguished) Nominee
June 11, 2014 NAEPC Webinar - Helping Clients Create Their Charitable Legacy
Laura J. Malone, CAP®, CEPA
June 5, 2014 Members only Golf Outing & Annual Meeting
May 15, 2014 Charitable Planning
Jacqueline Valouch, Esq. - Fidelity Charitable
May 1, 2014 ***Special Members Only Event***
February 27, 2014 Estate Planning with Retirement Assets in 2014 and Thereafter
Leonard J. Witman, Esq.
January 30, 2014 Heckerling Institute Annual Review - 2014
Rocco Labella, Esq.
November 21, 2013 Ethical Issues Facing the Trust and Estate Practitioner
Raymond Radigan, Managing Director of Trust / The Private Client Reserve of U.S. Bank
October 17, 2013 Estate Planners Day 2013 - Estate Planning Through an Asset Protection Lens
Gideon Rothschild, J.D., C.P.A.
September 26, 2013 The Macroeconomic Environment and Investment Outlook
Dr. Charles Lieberman, Advisors Capital Management, LLC
June 19, 2013 Annual Meeting and Hackensack Golf Club Outing
May 16, 2013 Same Sex Planning
Caryn B. Keppler, Esq.
May 2, 2013 Wine Tasting
(Private Event)
February 28, 2013 Current State of Economy
G. Scott Clemons, CFA - Brown Brothers Harriman
January 31, 2013 Heckerling Institute Annual Review
Jerome Deener, Esq. - Partner Fox Rothschild LLP
November 15, 2012 Asset Protection Planning in the 21st Century - Fortifying an Estate Plan
Al W. King, III JD., LL.M, AEP (Distinguished)
October 25, 2012 Estate Planners Day 2012
Stacy Eastland, AEP - Managing Director, Goldman Sachs & Company (Houston)
September 20, 2012 Estate Planning - Beat the Clock to Meet Client Goals
Mark Teitelbaum - AXA Advanced Markets and Marketing
June 14, 2012 Annual Meeting - Golf outing
May 10, 2012 The Transformation Gift
Susan Massenzio and Keith Whitaker
February 23, 2012 Value Replacement Strategies
Robert C. Kievit, CLU, CLTC, LUTCF
January 26, 2012 Heckerling Review
Rocco LaBella
November 17, 2011 Update, Revisions and Filing Requirements for NJ Estate and Inheritance taxes
Michael Rubino, Supervising Auditor NJ Division of Taxation
September 15, 2011 Stormy Clouds, Silver Linings
Laks Ramachandran, Director & Sr. Market Strategist, U.S. Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Mgmt
June 8, 2011 Annual Meeting
May 12, 2011 Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy
Daniel E. Ratcliffe, CAP®, CTFA
January 6, 2011 Advantages of Delaware Trust
Norris P. Wright, Managing Dir. & Pres.
October 28, 2010 Estate Planners Day
Ed Shlott
September 23, 2010 State of the Municipal Bond Market and Interest Rates
Pamela Hunter & steven Lee-Columbia Mgmt Investment Advisors
August 31, 2010 20 creative uses of life insurance in estate planning
Stephan Leimberg
June 8, 2010 Annual Meeting
May 13, 2010 May monthly meeting
February 11, 2010 Heckerling Update
Rocco LaBella and Frank Beck
January 14, 2010 January monthly meeting
November 19, 2009 Planning with Roth IRAs
Leonard J Witman, Esq. of Witman Stadtmauer, PA
October 26, 2009 Estate Planners Dau
October 26, 2009 Estate Planners Day
September 22, 2009 September meeting
June 11, 2009 Annual Meeting - Golf Outing
May 21, 2009 "You Sold My Deceased Father's Life Insurance Policy for How Much"
David Neufeld
February 19, 2009 General Meeting
January 22, 2009 General Meeting
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